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ST. LUKE’S RESIDENTS Keep warm this winter – our Bus

Nancy Kavanagh Chair of St Luke’s Road Residents’ Association

Having recently volunteered as a driver on the number 61 local community bus, I now know more about the real benefits it offers. I hope that sharing this information might help some of my local neighbours who may be concerned about the rising cost of heating, and are wondering how to reduce their usage over winter.

One way is not to sit at home getting cold but to go somewhere warm, but where? And how to get there at little or no cost?

Torbay Council has opened a number of local Warm Spaces, and this is how the community bus can help. On Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s, on a schedule displayed at all #61 stops, our community minibus (run by Our Bus, which has an active Facebook page) calls at various clearly marked stops around St Luke’s Road, North and South, then travels down into Torquay, on to Livermead, before returning back.

A no-cost bus pass allowing free travel on most buses, including 61, is available from Torbay Council ( to those of pensionable age, as well as anyone on certain other, (mainly health related) state benefits.
The bus route started life as a subscription service but now anyone can now use it, either by paying the fare on the day, or by using their bus pass.

One of Torbay Council’s nominated Warm Spaces is Torquay Library, which is on #61’s immediately after leaving St Luke’s Road,. The library is open on all Our Bus days from 09.30 – 18.00.

I am sure you will find that being there is a much better option than sitting in the cold at home!

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