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Emily Tyack – Green Community Spaces Officer, Groundwork South

2022 – a colourful year for the Edible Earth Project in Melville!

With guidance from the wonderful Steph of Studio Meraki, the many hands of Melville created, designed, and brought the Melville Mural on Warren Hill into full colour.

The four art workshops held at The Point where a riot of colour and community, and the five days of painting the wall had the happy summer vibes of neighbours coming together to create something great. Its been a part of Melville’s culture now for 6 months, with those who helped paint it saying that it has “brought new hope to the community”, that it “ is more than a mural piece of art on the wall, this is community and magic” and it “makes me smile every time I see it”, with others across the Bay looking to Melville and wanting for something similar in their streets.

The Edible Earth Project is working in Melville for 2023, and we have a new player this year. Introducing David, a Groundwork Architect – he specialises in working with communities to redesign their physical space to help make it into an environment better suited to your needs, more geared towards community togetherness, places for play and growing the green.

So what shall we do next?


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