Local elections 4 May 2023 Tormohun candidates.

On Thursday 4 May 2023, Council elections will be held for all wards in Torbay.

Photographic identification will be required to vote in English local elections, and parliamentary elections across the UK, on and after 4 May 2023.

Read more about Voter ID here.

Tormohun ward candidate list:

You will have three votes, and can choose from 10 candidates.

Editorial note: We reached candidates’ campaign offices and asked for more information like manifesto, biography and a dedicated message for our community. This page will be updated as soon we hear back from them.

Candidate list presented in alphabetic order.

Olivia Catherine Bath
Labour Party
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Helen Boyles
Green Party
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Mandy Darling
Liberal Democrat

I have lived in Torquay for over 30 years and together with my husband Steve, we have raised our
two sons here. I have worked for many years at Torbay Hospital in the Elderly Care Department and
have been a Councillor representing the Tormohun ward and Melville area for 8 years.

During my time as your councillor, I have championed such things a licensing of landlords and
Interim Management Orders, better and more social housing, tackling poverty and ensuring equality.
Over the last four years, together with Cordelia and Nick, I have worked tirelessly in the area and
have seen some real positive changes with great collaboration with the community. Things such as
increased CCTV, cleaner streets and a crackdown on rogue landlords are starting to make a real
difference, but there is still a long way to go and I am keen to continue working hard on your behalf.

Being partially sighted and a Guide Dog user, I am particularly passionate about issues such as
pavement parking and street clutter and have been discussing with SWISCo how we can reduce and
improve the bins and other clutter that effect the area and with your support and vote, look forward
to being able to continue this work.

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Robert Excell
Independent Candidate
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Michelle Goodman
Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

I was born in Shrublands NHS Maternity Hospital Morgan Avenue Torquay in the 60s. My Father was a bus driver for Devon General, and my mother was a Hairdresser /Hotel worker. We had to leave our rented home on Sandford Road as the landlord required it for his family, so we moved to a council house in Shiphay. I attended St Saviours C of E school, where I was deputy Head Girl, and then followed to Audley Park, where I was a prefect. I went on to Torre Technical College, where I undertook my Diploma, then commenced work at Torbay Hospital in the kitchen, gradually changing direction until I finally left to take up a Senior Nurse post at NHSdirect111 Exeter, after 37yrs served in the NHS had to retire last year.

As you can see, my roots are firmly in Torbay, which provides me with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of our resident's needs and how I can work to bring safer, healthier, happier communities.

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Cordelia Louise Law
Liberal Democrat

It has been an absolute pleasure and honour to work with the local Melville Community on the
Making Melville Marvellous project over the last four years and I am delighted to see the newly
found sense of pride and local identity in the community. With Making Melville Marvelous project,
we have been able to not only secure funding for the project, but bring together representatives
from Health, Housing, Police, your Community Builder, Torbay Council and many other partners to
focus on the problems, wishes and vision of the local community for their area.

I would very much like to continue to facilitate and empower local residents to continue to build on
this fantastic start that we have made together. In particular, I would like to see us working together
to continue to improve living conditions for tenants and see the newly installed CCTV used to good
effect, not only to keep residents safe, but to gather evidence to help prosecute fly-tipping and dog
fouling and to help support action being taken to further address Anti-Social Behaviour in the

Mandy, Nick and I will continue to push for action to be taken on sites like the Old Laundry and
Roebuck House, as well as continuing to engage with the negotiations that have been able to resume
post-pandemic, about the restoration and future use of Torquay Pavilion. We would also welcome
the opportunity to further support the fantastic work of The Unleashed Theatre and continue to help
with grants and funding to improve the facilities at Abbey Hall.

If you would like to see this wonderful work and cooperation between the council and local
community continue and grow, please vote for Mandy, Nick and myself in the local election on 4 th
May. Your polling station is at The Central Church and please remember to bring photo-ID.

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Brian Lownds-Pateman
Conservative Party

I was born in Torre in the 50's. and have lived in Torquay my entire life. I joined the family firm (Lownds-Pateman) in 1970 and became General Manager in 1990 just before the company moved to the Babbacombe Pottery site in Babbacombe. I am proud to be a Torre born Devonian and extremely proud of this naturally attractive bay - I want to restore ‘Pride in our Bay.

I have a wealth of business knowledge and experience and feel the time is right to ‘give something back to our town.’ I look at the last 4 years and I am horrified at the lack of action, with all of the extra money from the Conservative Government. A vote for me is a vote for action.

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Nick Pentney
Liberal Democrat

As someone that is born and bred in Torbay and now raising my family here, I am passionate that we make Torquay a truly wonderful place to live and work.

Here in the Melville area, I am pleased that we have been able to help drive some positive change over these past few years. And I'm thrilled when residents tell me that they can see and feel that positive change for themselves.

But we know that there is more work to be done in areas in Melville and elsewhere in Tormohun. In particular, we need to continue our work to tackle anti-social behaviour, protect our most vulnerable and grow a strong local economy.

It's been an incredible honour to be your councillor these past few years. And I would be truly honoured to be re-elected on Thursday 4th May.

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Denise Ann Sinclair
Conservative Party

My family purchased a hotel in Belgrave Road where I lived from 1963. After leaving school I worked in some of the larger hotels including the Imperial and Rosetor to gain valuable work experience. This led to me running the family business, which I continued until I purchased another with my sister in Rowdens Road. (off Bampfylde Road).

I have always been proud to live and work in Torquay and I am keen to work with and for the residents of Tormohun. I believe that Torquay can be so much better than it currently is. It is time to restore the English Riviera to it’s former glory.

I look forward to your support on 4th May and we can start to turn the bay around.

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Robert Summers
Conservative Party

I moved to Torbay in 1969, living in Melville did my Hotel Management training at The Rosetor Hoi- which stood were the Rivera Centre now sits.I Created and ran, what became one of Devon’s finest restaurants of the time, before opening The Mousetrap Wine Bar, next door, which many seem to remember with fond if hazy memories.

I have supported the Community and local charities for the best part of my life and I would relish the opportunity to do what I can to help the residents of Tormohun and protect our heritage buildings in and around the area which I have deep affection for.

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List of candidates for Torbay – all wards.

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