Thriving Torquay

Funding boost kick-starts Project Torquay

WELCOME to the first of three newsletters highlighting the work of Torbay Council and its partners to deliver a high-quality, welcoming, and vibrant town centre and harbourside in Torquay, where all communities can feel safe and where businesses can thrive.

In this first newsletter, we update you on good work delivered by the Safer Streets project in and around Castle Circus and the harbourside to discourage antisocial behaviour (ASB) and reduce violence against women and girls (VAWG).

Later newsletters will focus on our ambitious plans to improve the look and feel of our public spaces in and around Castle Circus so that people can feel safe whether at home, in the street or at work.

They will also explain how we and our partners will make a night out in Torquay safer and more enjoyable for all, and update you on efforts to tackle complex issues associated with homelessness and drug abuse.

“Creating a vibrant Torquay Town Centre is important to residents and we are listening to what they want – a place where they can thrive, feel safe and included,” said Cllr Hayley Tranter, Cabinet Member for Adult and Community Services, Public Health and Inequalities.

“The Safer Streets funding has kickstarted the change needed and we are working with partners and communities to manage the complex challenges that exist. “We have plans to transform Castle Circus and the wider town centre and will keep you informed through these newsletters of how these are progressing. “We know there are issues that must be tackled quickly, and we are taking action to do that. “Our focus is on transforming Torquay into a place that works for us all, bringing investment and regeneration into our town centres and a place we can be proud of.”

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Newsletter 1st Edition

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