Thriving Torquay – Castle Circus and Harbourside improvement programme

Torbay Council is working with partners, including Devon and Cornwall Police and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, on a range of projects that aim to deliver a high-quality, welcoming and vibrant town centre and harbourside in Torquay so that all communities can feel safe, and all businesses can thrive.

We’ve updated our website with information about the work completed to date and what we’re planning to do next. Projects include those funded by Safer Streets, which takes action to discourage anti-social behaviour and reduce violence against women and girls.

To explain in more detail what we’ve done and what’s being planned, we’re putting together newsletters which will go to approximately 4,000 homes in Torquay. Two of these have been produced already, with the second one being delivered this week.

We’re also putting together a series of videos which feature some of the people who work hard to keep our community safe, and which show the impact of this work on our communities. The first of these videos, focused on the Leonard Stocks hostel, is now available to view.

All of this information can be found here: Castle Circus and Harbourside Improvement Programme – Torbay Council

Please take a look and check back on the page regularly as it will be updated when new newsletters and videos are published and when there are project updates.

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