Melville Prepares for an Exciting New Historical Trail

For those who may have missed our recent meetings, we’re thrilled to introduce the Melville Heritage Trail—a project that’s all set to transform our community.

Here’s the latest update on this exciting endeavour.

In a creative and community-driven effort, Melville residents are embarking on the creation of a historical art trail to tell the unique story of our area’s heritage. We’re seeking a talented artist to help us bring this captivating narrative to life.

Melville boasts a rich and fascinating history, and we’re determined to shed light on our vibrant past, dispelling any outdated perceptions. This project is part of a broader initiative led by Groundwork South Trust, fostering a sense of pride and unity within the Melville community.

Here’s what you can expect from the Melville Heritage Trail:

The trail will:

*A journey through Melville’s distinctive heritage.

*5-10 locations across Melville, featuring at least 3 central works at key points, along with additional supporting artworks to create the trail.

*Interactivity pays homage to the community mural, an integral part of the Melville place-making project.

*Engaging elements celebrating our community spirit and the optimism of our residents.

Thanks to the ongoing efforts of Groundwork South Trust, our community has been exploring various creative possibilities in the public realm.

The funding provided by Groundworks UK, specifically for this heritage trail, will put Melville on the tourism map, making our streets safer, cleaner, and a source of pride for all who explore them.

The timeline for this project is moving swiftly, so keep an eye on our website and our Facebook group to stay informed, share your thoughts, and stay connected.

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