Melville Project Housing Standards

Oliver Barlow – Torbay Council

Melville Project – Online E-form

Tell us about any worries or problems you have seen in the Melville area, including concerns about the condition of properties, fly-tipping or Anti-social behaviour. Please type the link below into your browser, or you can find the Melville project E-form on the Torbay Council Website.

By reporting, you are helping the Melville Project. The aim is to improve community health and wellbeing in the area; your report helps with this. Please note that anything drugs related should be reported to the Police.

Issues raised by the community:

We are pleased to say that the long-standing issue of broken windows on the corner of 1 Warren Hill have been repaired. We are committed to monitoring and improving housing standards in Melville. We would also like to thank the community for using the online reporting form, which has helped us tackle other issues raised by the community. If you are unaware of the online reporting form, you can find out more below.

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