St Lukes Parish Church

Father Peter March – Vicar of St Luke’s

Over the past 18 months we have been reminded of the importance of community and our shared life. We have come to appreciate how much we rely on one another. We share in times of sorrow and need, and we rejoice and celebrate together in better times.

The parish church of St Luke is here for all; in all seasons, circumstances and stages of life; here to serve all and where all may find a way to serve others. The building is a public space, not a private members club. Like a market place – which many medieval church buildings were used for – a church is a place of encounter; to meet, to bring things; to set aside and to offer up; and to take up that share joy and peace. A place to exchange the things necessary for the leading of a full life and to be a part of the wider community.

The church is an impressive sight; but it is nothing compared to the view inside. Colour and pattern combine to point to the glory of God, and all is offered as an expression of thanksgiving. The building speaks of the nature of a community. A community can only be fully appreciated by being ‘inside’ by playing your unique part, sharing your unique gifts and by receiving from it that which you need for life -the physical and material, or emotional and spiritual.

So next time you see our church remember it as an expression of our aspirations to be together, to work together, and to share together for the mutual good of one another. Most importantly, remember the view from the inside is better than the view from the outside, come in and take up your place as part of the community gathered together, for the good of all, in each and every season of life.



SUNDAY – SUNG EVENSONG 6:00pm (Please enquire as this can change)


Contact Father Peter March:
Phone: 01803 312754

St. Lukes Road, Torquay, TQ2 5NX

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